Massage Suite

Puyallup WA


Software Purchase

The cost to purchase the software is $250.00.

Enter Business Name

Still A Work In Progress

The functionaltiy is in place to enable you to bill, enter payments, generate CMS form, submit claims to Office Ally, create treatment notes, print client statements/receipts and a financial report and more. Reports and information screens will be expanding over time.

A user manual will be available shortly. Watch for a link on the web site.

Submit Report Requests

Over time I will add as many reports as needed to the program. Please submit your request and explain what report you would like. Scan and send an example if available. Send to

Submit History Screen Requests

You can submit a request for information that you would like to see included on the client history screen. Submit your request to


I would appreciate feedback if you run into any bugs. Please email me at and let me know what the issue was and what screen you were on and what you were attempting to do. Please also send me the file named errorlog.txt in c:\MassageSuiteV2 where I have tried to capture error messages if they occur.